last call (go home)

Nov 04

being here

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its strange. everytime i have to go back north,im left feeling weird. what was my routine like before? my interactions? what was i like?

i guess everybody is like this,but that doesnt make it any easier.

i think i found someone. im happy im allowed to be greedy for their love. its a new and incredible feeling

Sep 20


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so,lately ive been feeling foggy. i guess its like that ween song,help me scrape the mucus off my brain. or was it head? i dont know anymore-not that it matters.
im just in a daze,my life is just a bunch of small conetti papers blowing in the wind while i try to grab them and make sense of them. i guess that’s life?
the funny thing is that i dont even know if this is normal. i’ve struggled all of my life,you could say,growing up in a troubled home then getting bullied then discovering ive been hurtin myself for my whole life then finding out i am normal and at the same time so out of the norm.
its strange,ive even had half-assed attempts (at what,i will not say) and i still dont really understand why.
im apathic half of the time,like emotionally tired. its a strange thing,but im still alive
thats what i tell myself, «oh well,thats life»

Sep 15

Night running

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Skating at night is far from calm for me. Valencia is quite a hectic city by day,and even worse at night. Runners everywhere. My visibility is worsened by the darkness and my nerves,always present. My endurance is pretty small,and my left foot aches constantly. Mornings are the worst,I can hardly walk. But still,skating feels pretty damn good. It can be reckless,dramatic,energetic,nerve-wrecking. It’s one of the few hobbies I regularly come back to.